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E-11even is really thankful for all your support & had decided to give FREE normal mail for any $65 spent in e-11even !
Hesitate and its gone !

1st batch (1st April 2010) had been mailed!
Will mailed out the 2nd batch
(2nd April 2010) tomorrow!

Please give the parcel sometime to reach you as Friday is a public holiday ya! =))


We will pack everything and mail out on two batches as orders are huge.
Mailing out dates will be on 1st April 2010 and 2nd April 2010.

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e-11even is going to flea again!!
I am really happy to the 1st flea that i went to, i really appreciate everyone who came down!
Thank you so much again to all of you!!

Please do drop by and visit us, there will be shuttle buses provided from Plaza Singapura taxi stand. =)

See you babes! =D

Date: 27th June 2009
Time: 2pm - 8pm
Venue: trinity at 7 Mount Sophia Area 4

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e-11even has a flea at HOMECLUB on 9th May!!
Instocks from e-11even will be brought over there ya! =D
There will be merchandise are not shown up the website for purchasing!
You will be saving the waiting time!! =D
Come on down! =D

Thank you lovely sweetie for coming down and support us!
e-11even really appreciate
it so so much! =D
Thank you!